Can Arbitration Be Saved?

Bob Meynardie Arbitration

I preface this post with the disclosure that in my practice I serve both as an arbitrator — AAA administered and privately administered — and as an advocate in arbitration. In talking to lawyers throughout North Carolina, I hear the same statement over and over again: I would never advise my client to opt for arbitration over litigation.  Why is …

Bob MeynardieCan Arbitration Be Saved?

New AAA Rules for Fixed Time & Cost Construction Arbitration

Bob Meynardie Arbitration, Rules

The American Arbitration Association recently announced new streamlined rules for arbitration specifically designed for the construction industry. AAA believes that the new procedures are most appropriate in cases involving discrete issues that require limited document exchange or other discovery. The Rules definitely anticipate the parties cooperating at a level that is sometimes difficult to achieve in practice. The Rules are …

Bob MeynardieNew AAA Rules for Fixed Time & Cost Construction Arbitration